Full explanation of how to trade Cryptocurrencies


Today we are explaining the circulation of digital currencies. In our time, digital currencies have been imposed, especially after the big interest they have witnessed by their users themselves on the trading market, so that they are trading just like ordinary currencies inside the Forex market, or just like stock trading. Digital currencies were thus able to become a major part of the trading market, so today we are detailed about the mechanism in which digital currencies are traded.

What are Cryptocurrencies?

These are virtual currencies that do not exist on the ground, that is, they are electronic only, but despite this they have been accepted by users around the world, and this has made them a distinct price value, and their price value has increased by the price price of the main domestic currency being dealt with. This is based on the price value of each digital currency.

What makes those currencies acceptable is that they are encrypted, limited in productivity, and subject their trading to complex algorithms that are difficult to copy, imitate, and so secure when handled by their users.

What are the types of digital currencies?

There are more than a thousand types of encrypted currencies, collectively known as AltCoins, and Bitcoin, and etheaterium is one of the largest in this market, with Bitcoin accounting for about 38% of the digital currency market, and theaterium 18% of the digital currency market.

Other digital currencies are traded, but may be less common than their previous stock market counterparts, including LTC, Dash, ZCash (ZEC), Muneru (XMR), ripple (XRP).

What are the best digital currency trading platforms?

A team of trusted companies has created a table of the best digital currency trading platforms in the Arab world to provide visitors with the best companies through which to open portfolios to start trading contracts in different digital currencies, and the following companies are among the best licensed digital currency trading platforms.

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Explain the circulation of digital currencies

There are many options for trading digital currencies that are reliable, and it can be compared to trading on ordinary currencies in the Forex market, where they sell, buy short-term, and long-term on those currencies, close deals on them, benefit from sales teams, buy, and gain.

Methods of trading digital currencies

By trading in stock

Just like foreign currencies that can be traded on the Forex market, digital currencies can be traded on this mechanism, as daily or weekly volatility, which occurs at a price value, can be expected to be awaited, thus exploiting the upward position, and falling price values by buying or selling currency.

Trade through an intermediary

By using a Forex Broker with access to the Stock Exchange, providing you with a trading platform to manage your trading with whom you can easily start your investment on the encrypted currencies, and without having to have a great trading experience, you only need to learn the basics, and then you can sell. And buy digital currencies according to the deal you see fit for you.

By futures

This is because the value of the financial instruments traded on different types of assets is derived from another asset class, in which both parties are pre-dated, and pre-acquired, but on a deferred date.

With binary options

There will be an expected digital currency price within the next period of time, you will be entitled to buy the currency at a pre-determined price between you and the seller, while you will also have the full freedom to choose not to complete the purchase if the price comes below the expected price you have been. He predicted it, and the buyer would hold his shares in digital currencies.

By investing in funds

It is also an easy way to trade digital currencies, in which a group of investors can invest in the funds that buy digital currencies, including the most famous Grayscale BitCoin Investment Trust, which is trading as GBTC.

The success of this fund led Grayscale to launch four other coded currency boxes: BitCoin Cash Investment Trust, Ethereum Investment Trust, Litecoin Investment Trust and XRP Investment Trust.

Important note about Bitcoin.

There are 21 million Bitcoin available in our time, of which about 17 million are in circulation, and the possibility of partial trading in a decimal of that coin, especially because of its very high price value makes it possible to trade 100 million times. Although the actual market number is only 21 million, those parts are traded at the same price as the regular currency, or other digital currencies that can be purchased at this amount.